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As you all know the male veiled chameleon I got in December was in pretty bad condition. He apparently was 2 years old but was very small. He has come a long way since then and is now shedding for the 5th time since December. Up untill now all of his sheds have not been good, he always retains his skin on both sides of his body. A few weeks back we installed a drip system which runs all day and we have been misting him a lot more than usual and it has paid off because he is finally shedding all of his skin but it has been a slow process still which means he is still lacking some vitamins. My question is where do I get the liquid vitamin A capsules at? He started to sheed a week ago and he is not done yet. I know he will never be in really good shape but I want to do what I can to make him as heathy as possible. WE are in the process of installing a misting system also in his cage but we just can't figure out where to get a pump to pump up the water from the pail, I have gone to lots of hardware stores but they think I'm nuts, any suggestions.
Well for the stubborn shed spots … rub a little (and I mean a little – you don’t need a lot) mineral oil on the skin with a Q-tip. It should help. I am not sure where in Canada to get the vit A gel caps and I’m not sure that’s the best idea either … maybe it is who knows. Regular hardware stores wont have the pump you need either … they typically have sump pumps and stuff like that.

Thanks roo, I will rub some mineral oil on him and hopefully it will help because he is getting real annoyed with the skin now because today he is starting to rub and bit it a lot. I will hold off on the vit. A till I now if it will help or make a bad situation worse. I will keep trying to find a pump somewhere because I hate ordering from the states because last time I ended up paying more for duty and taxes than what I paid for the product, I hate Canada customs.
I hate Canada customs.

South African customs are just as bad. Not only are they expensive, but they are really inefficient too.
I ordered photographic equipment from the US last month, and tracked the shipping via UPS. It took 2 days to get from NYC to Johannesburg, but then took another full week to go the last 10km from the airport to my office because it was stuck in Customs all that time...
I wouldn't mind paying it if they were offering me a service, but it really is just a nuisance tax, keeping people employed because they're not good enough to work anywhere else. [RANT OFF]
And sorry for hijacking the thread... it's just something that's been on my mind as I prepare to order another foreign shipment.
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