Shedding so fast. Also ? about spurs


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Guess time flys when you have a Chameleon. kind of like a kid lol. well today my lil big guy has shed again.. this is the third time since i have had him. But nothing to worry about everything seems to be on time. Only thing i was wondering about is, the last time he shed, there was some old skin left behind that he never shed. BUt now that he has the new skin he is looking better than ever. And that piece of skin is now gone. but it was like his whole back that didnt shed last time. :) just a lil relieved. And last just wondering if this is the spur that the male veiled Chameleons are suppose to have on the hind legs? i have always thought he was a male by the lil nodes or spurs.. they just seem lil and never really looked at the females. wondering if someone can reassure me of this by one of these pics maybe. thanks


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