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Hi All, I had a question or 2 about shedding. First off how long does the shedding process take for a 2-3 month baby veiled chameleon? Are there any indicators that my little guys might be starting to shed before the skin actually comes off (will they have a specific color or look different?) I am pretty sure Osiris is starting to shed because he is always rubbing his face on things like it itches or something. My female Isis still has a darker than normal color and it also seems pretty dull like it is dry or something although I mist 3 times a day. Are these signs of shedding? Is there something special i should now about shedding or something i should do different while they shed?
Since no one has answered you yet, I just give a quick answer then other can elaborate more.

Young chameleons tend to shed more. My panther shed once a week for a couple weeks when he was young, but it is going to be more like every couple to three weeks depending on how fast they are growing.

Chameleons tend to burst out of there skin (especially when they are small). It is not like a snake that looks dull and has there eyes gloss over. You might have an idea they are getting ready to shed the day it happens. My panther gets a little disgruntled and seems itchy. He doesn't eat the morning he is going to shed and will not eat until he is mostly clear of his skin. He tends to be darker just before he sheds, but this is his temperment. If he is ticked off, he tends to show darker colors.

The biggest thing you can do to ensure a good shed is to maintain appropriate humidity for you particular cham. Make sure he/she gets misted as well. Make sure that he/she is able to get dry between mistings.

Hope that is a little helpful.

Hi Matthew, thanks for the info! My female started shedding today after about 1 week of having some dark and dull almost like a gray/purple color, I was really starting to get worried and I am still not 100% that this will make her happy again. I have tried everything!! Other than her color she seems totally fine though thank goodness!
Is it suggested to warm water soak Chameleons? :confused:We do this with our Rankin Beardie, it seems to help the shed go more smoothly and he seems more comfortable.
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