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Our Jackson Chameleon shed its skin about two or three weeks ago, but there are still several patches on her body where there is still old skin. We keep getting them wet in hopes that she will rub them off herself, but to no avail. We have also tried pulling them off, but they will not come off unless a great deal of pulling is done. We are new to reptiles and do not want to injure or stress little Ivy out, but we know that the skin has to come off. Any suggestions on how to get the skin off without stressing her are welcome. Thanks.
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Don't pull on the skin. If she'll allow you to put her in a shallow dish of lukewarm water, go ahead and let her soak for a while.
After the soak, rub over the patches with your finger in an effort to rub off the old skin. Don't pull or force it.
If the soak doesn't do the trick, just wait it out till next shed unless the skin is in critical areas like the eyes and toes.

Besides that, just make sure there is an appropriate level of humidity in the cage. Most shed issues with any reptile is a result of improper humidity.
The usual answer to this problem is: "Just turn up the humidity and increase misting". However, I find that the skin needs to dry out before you start increasing humidity. So if you halt for a day or two and let the skin dry, it should easily flake or fall off when you do turn on the humidity.
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