Shedding problem: eyes "orbits" don't look good


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My cham is ~11 months old and shed approximately two weeks ago, however, I don't think the skin came off the eye "orbits". They look very dry (not the eye itself). There are a couple real small spots in the body that are still there too. I don't seem him rubbing too much lately trying to remove the remaining skin (only very rarely), but I do believe it is bothering him.

My humidity stays roughly 50% and I leave the misting system (pro mist) on ~every other day for about a half hour simulating a shower. He does seem to enjoy the shower when it happens. (sorry this wasn't clear, I also mist 2-3 short intervals during the day for "regular" misting)

I don't think my cham is dehydrated because urates look good and I've seen him drinking from dripper and during showers/misting, but not sure why he is having trouble with his eyes shedding. I don't think it is an eye infection either (think it is skin that isn't coming off).

Is there anything I can do to make it better? If the skin doesn't come off cleanly/completely will it lead to long term problems. I've only had the chameleon for two months and I think the same thing happened with the first shed.
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You may want to bump up the Humidity to around 70%. The other thing is he should be misted every day, not every other. This may help with the shedding.

As far a problems with it, I am not sure. We will have to wait for others to post on the subject.

Yes, unshed skin can cause serious problems and can even amputate limbs beleive it or not. At the very leat, it could be uncomfortable.

Like frank said, up the ambient humidity. Use cool air humidifiers.
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