Shed spots


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Not sure if I should fill out the ‘how to ask for help’ forum because this isn’t a big issue, and it doesn’t seem to be bothering my cham at all but ever since his most recent shed (about 3 or 4 weeks ago), there’s these two spots on him where it won’t fall off. A little on his spine and a small area on his chin. It’s not lose either, it’s really attached to his skin. It’s been like this for some weeks now (ever since his most recent shed). All the sheds he has had in my care has lasted to 9 hours or the longest shed which was 27 almsot 28 hours. Here’s some pics of it:


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up the humidity and maybe try a q tip, make sure your not peeling the skin off because that can irritate the scales underneath


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Just leave it alone. You should definitely fill out the form. Shed problem are an early warning sign that something is off in your husbandry somewhere. Be very specific with your gutload and supplements sections.
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