Sexing Brookesia Stumpffi...


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I recently picked up a pair of B. Stumpffi from Mike at FL Chams. They arrived healthy and continue to do well. My only concern is that I'm not sure they're actually a pair. I know how hard Brookesias can be at sexing, so I'm not laying any blame on the supplier, but, does anyone have tips/advice on sexing these animals? One is smaller than the other (the one I think might be male), though there doesn't seem to be pronounced hemipenal bulges on "him". There has not been any overt aggression, but I have them separated because the suspected male seemed to be a bit timid around once noticing the other. However, the behavior is still the same in isolation(not too active, essentially), whereas the other more robust animal is fairly active. I'm likely going to keep them separate for a little to ensure that the "male" is well and his behavior is not health related. I'd post pictures but my camera is currently out of commission. Thanks for any help


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Some pictures would help though..You can usually see a difference in tail length. I don't know about stumpfii but can there be a difference in shape or coloration?
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