Setting cages up next to or near each other


Ok i have 4 cages 2.0 panthers 1.1 veileds. My question is do I put blinders up between the cages? I've notice several set ups with them and several without them. I know you keep the female out of sight, but is it necessary to keep them all from seeing each other. I have them all in different rooms right now and really don't see the point in walking between the rooms.


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You should put up a visual barrier between all your chameleons, if you choose to keep them in the same room and not do this, you will likely cause a good deal of stress on your animals. You have to remember that these are solitary animals. Male or female it really makes no difference. A female that sees a male could be stressed because she is not ready for mating, a male that sees a male could be stressed because he sees the other male as competition. Do yourself a favor, and give them a visual barrier.


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I would definitely recommend putting up barriers. Chams are solitary animals and don't like one another. It'll cause stress seeing the other ones. I've heard to buy a shower curtain liner, cut it and use it. They can still see the shadows through it, but they don't know what it is. It's a cheap fix to a stressful situation :)
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