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Hello, I am new here and I thought I need more knowledge to make a decision.
Since several years my husband an I are in love with chameleons. Now, back then we weren't able to take care of one. Too much going on in our lives.
Now, years later, I am looking to adopt a snake, browsing through pet stores, checking out breeders, when I saw a little Senegal Chameleon sitting in a
too small and entirely wrong set up terrarium in a local pet store.
I did not buy the little guy, nor a snake, instead I went home to do more research. Just to be shocked: I knew they are not easy to keep, but what I've
read sounds way more difficult than I thought.

That is why I ended up here: To ask for helping me to make a decision which does not result in the death of that poor chameleon. While I had reptiles
in the past, I never had a chameleon.

Also: While waiting for success stories, or the opposite, I keep reading here.
Thank you for giving me access to the forum.



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Welcome to the forum!

I've had a few Senegal chameleons over the years. They really aren't much harder than veileds to keep if you can get them acclimated. It's likely a WC one though....people have trouble breeding them in captivity.

More in a few minutes.


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Wow! So much information! I will go through all that. And then over again. For now we decided not to buy the poor little soul, because it might be
a wild caught one they are housing in a bad way. Not sure what chance the little one would have with us as newbies. We rather learn and do it
right for a captive breed chameleon in the future.
Thank you all so much! I will keep reading here and hopefully find our chameleon in the near future.

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