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Apollo is almost always dark, the only time he inst dark is when he climbs to the lower part of the cage for a few minutes( and he is continuously doing this), he will go light green, then climb back to the top and go dark again. im thinking this means that he is uncomfortable at the top of his cage, but im not sure. any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated

Apollo is a 3-4 month old veiled
i have two live plants, one umbrella and one ficus.
i used grape vine for his vines in the cage.

here is a picture of his cage...


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ok he just climbed to the bottom of the cage and tried to eat a dead leaf sitting in the dirt in th plant!..luckily i grabbed it out of his mouth before he could swallow it....ahh what do i do?
I could be wrong, but don't chameleons turn darker when absorbing light?

Also, don't veils usually go through a "brown" stage?
yea but i have his basking spot at the right temp...
i just don't understand why he would always be dark..its kind of frustrating!
i want a happy chameleon!
well i found out why he was going to the bottom of the cage.
he found worm that somehow got into the soil..and he was trying to eat them!
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