Schistocerca breeding

Sweeney Todd

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Hi. I'm new here. What brought me here was not only that my son and I are cham fans. Actually, my son is the biggest fan between us. Is that I found out there's a few people attempting to breed grasshoppers in the US.
Like a few of us in here. I've been attempting to breed them on and off for some time. However, I didn't have the luxury to work with bird grasshoppers until this year. In the meantime, I was honing my skills and finding ways on how to keep and breed grasshoppers with a smaller species of grasshoppers. So when I discovered a nice colony of s. nitens in my area... I went bonkers. This was what I was waiting for all this time. I even employed my son, well more like bribed him, to collect grasshopper for my project.
Anyway. There's a few folks in here breeding S. Shoshone that I like touch base with. I'm interested in breeding Shoshone as well. Please feel free to contact me.

These are s. nitens surfacing from the lay box.
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