scared young chameleon?


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so yesterday I got my first cam, a nosey be. He seems pretty nervous and scared to me. I know it will take him time to get used to me and his new home, is there a time range. If I reach in his cage for anything, other than to place crickets he skitters away and clings from the ceiling of his enclosure. We had a slight mister malfunction today and I had to get in there to adjust the nozzle and mop up a big puddle that was leaking out the bottom and he seemed terrified that I was going to eat him or something. I want him relaxed and comfortable with me so that at some point I can hold him. I am new at all this. I try to give him privacy but we do use the room he is in. Is this normal in the beginning while they get used to the new place and people?


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Oh bless him. I am sure he will be fine he just has to get used to you and his new environment. I think it varies on how long this will take depending on his personality.

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Very normal. When chams see us enter their cage they do think "oh no! This monster is gonna try and kill me for a meal!" but the more and more they see your hand delivering the food to them they usually come around to tolerating us, even liking us sometimes :)


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Thanks. I think I am going to work on hand feeding. I know he already knows I feed him, he is calmest for me when I am giving him his crickets.
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