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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brodybreaux25, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Brodybreaux25

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    Anyone else seen the previews for the new show on Animal Planet called Scaled? Its a show about building custom, top of the line reptile enclosures. I’ve always wondered when they would do a spinoff of Tanked and get into the reptile world. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Excited because I’m hoping it will raise the general awareness about PROPER reptile husbandry and we will probably get some new ideas for our vivs. But I’m also nervous because if they get the husbandry wrong there will be a tidal wave of ignorance pumped into people’s houses every week. I think it starts August 24.
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  2. I saw the commercial too and I'm excited! I also watch tanked because I raise fish as well but wow this show will be awesome!
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  3. McBoredFace

    McBoredFace Member

    I could definitely use some ideas since I’m a new reptile owner! This looks awesome! But I’ll make sure to check here at the forum before taking any ideas Incase you’re right about them being wrong
  4. Frigga

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    I'm going to have to look this show up, we don't have cable so I hope it airs on Hulu and I can force my family to watch it with me! :ROFLMAO:
  5. Tucklander

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    Oh I loved tanked thanks for the heads up...not like I could afford those crazy insane creations they make but it’s cool to watch
  6. Decadancin

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    I am definitely interested in what they are going to do! I know that most of the aquarium based shows are great, but they do not represent what goes into maintaining the tanks and fish (as in fish that outgrow their enclosures, the actual upkeep of the tanks, what to do if a fish gets aggressive, etc...) but they are definitely inspiring and make me want to get a tank! That could be problematic with the special needs of some reptiles...
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  7. Tucklander

    Tucklander Avid Member

    I know what you mean....:LOL:
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  8. jamest0o0

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    Looks like a tanked reskin. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of these shows for what @Decadancin said. They tend to show the big selling points and fancy furniture rather than the intricacies of exotic animal/fish keeping. The animals are objectified rather than kept as the unique creatures they are in natural ecosystems. I haven't seen tanked much, but when I have, I never saw them go into depth about proper CuC, liverock, cycling, water chemistry, any sort of advanced automated equipment, etc. Maybe they did so correct me if I'm wrong. I just got the vibe it was to fill a random piece of furniture with water so they could throw some crazy fish in it and call it a day.
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  9. That is true but for celebrities they hire fish keepers, as for me I take care of two tanks of different fish and now a chameleon, I also have two African dwarf frogs, so I am really interested in seeing frogs and chameleon tanks :D
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  10. Tucklander

    Tucklander Avid Member

    I agree @jamest0o0 that it seemed way more about aesthetics than functionality. Hopefully they’ll go into the EXTREME environmental controls needed for keeping some reptiles and scare of the redneck from running to petsmart and buying a snake or lizard for the cool factor. But it’s more than likely going to focus on extreme enclosures, this will be Hollywood influenced, and that’s all about looks. I got an inside look on Hollywood when my wife won Wheel of Fortune 3 years ago (lol, true story) was all lights and makeup.
  11. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

  12. wheel of fortune? lol well thats one way how you get money that is awesome! if i won the lottery I would get tanked to do a betta tank for me and an awesome chameleon tank because in one episode of tanked they did snake tanks
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  13. Tucklander

    Tucklander Avid Member

    Yes she won $42,000 and a trip to Italy, Spain and was awesome! :) my wife was on the “Mothers Day” week in 2015 :) We enjoyed the trip and also had about $35,000 after taxes it was a huge and unusual blessing!
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  14. That is truly amazing!
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  15. Remkon

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    I hate tanked, the guys are as fake as the corals they use, all there text is scripted and there's always a 'challenge' they have to overcome that's completely blown out of proportion or made up... The only good thing is yoy get to see fishies.
    American 'reality' TV is fake, it's all scripted. Hell your 'murica got tallent is even fake! You had Glannis Grace sing in the auditions which is a well known Dutch singer and I seen more auditions of people already well known... Hows that a search for new tallent? They are already discovered!
    We gave you dr Poll and you give us scripted crap in return! Well thanks, NOT!

    I expect this show to be more of the same, a load of scripted crap, but ehj we get to see lizards... Oh wait, not me, they removed Animal Planet here...

    Sorry... I let meself go.o_O
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  16. Brodybreaux25

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    Yes, I’d like to apologize on behalf of America for all the crap we put out there on TV, it gets pretty bad! That’s why things like Netflix and Hulu have gotten so popular so fast...

    Yes, All “reality” TV in America is 100% scripted and fake. Everyone knows it but no one really says it, prob cause no one watches it. Usually the first season of a reality show is good but after that the producers get involved and start pushing for more drama and hype. I do expect Scaled to do the same but I’m still curious to see the first season.
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  17. Tucklander

    Tucklander Avid Member

    Yes it was, thank you :)
  18. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

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  19. ScaledWife

    ScaledWife New Member

    I am the wife of one of the guys on the show, they are focusing on husbandry and proper education on the show. Yeah the builds are crazy awesome, but it’s built around the animal, not the other way around. Between the 6 people on the show, there’s many many years of reptile keeping and breeding experience, they respect the animals and the importance of dealing with these delicate creatures. Hope that helps!! Tune in! You won’t regret it!
  20. absolutbill

    absolutbill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Thanks for your insider's view on the show - I'm excited about it! Do you happen to know if it will be available on Hulu or Netflix at all?

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