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new to the fourm, this is my first cham and first pic i hope? 4 month old nosy be, KAHEGA, I THINK I HAVE ALL HIS NEEDS MET, HOWEVER I AM A ROOKIE AND WILL TRY AND SEND PHOTOS TO GET AN INPUT. ON HIS FIRST DAY THE ONLY THING I SAW THAT MADE ME WORRY WAS HE WOULD OPEN HIS MOUTH, AND KEEP IT OPEN FOR ABOUT 5 MIN AND THEN CLOSE IT? I DON'T KNOW IF HE IS HOT OR WHAT? Help please how do you attach photos? everytime i try it states that the file for one pic is tooooo biiigggg???
Hey Geno welcome to the Chameleon forums and hello Kahega. He maybe too hot and trying to regulate his temperatures by gaping. What are his temps inside the cage? Humidity levels?

You have to resize the photos if they are too big. Do a search for Ifranview on these forums. Its a free image resize software, that I, as well as many others use.
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