Sambava Showdown!!!


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I couldn't resist the urge to stick my two Sambava's together and see what kind of colors they'd throw. The results did not dissapoint. While I was very happy with Ka's coloration (top of pic), Jokton (bottom), as usual stole the show. It was like someone took a match and actually lit him on fire!!

Ka is not even a year old, and huge for his age. With the colors he's throwing off now, I'd expect that he's also going to be quite an amazing breeder for me who's offspring should be a peice of cake to sell. His grandaddy was Casanova from the Kammers, and his father is Kabookieman of Razorback exotics. It really doesn't hurt to have that kind of bloodline backing him up either.

As for Jokton. It seems like everyday this guy amazes me a bit more. He's roughly a year and a half now. I purchased him from Tyler at Bluebeastreptile as a son of LOKI. If you ask me he's damn near a carbon copy of his father and I'm lovin it!!! and here goes my shameless plug for myself. I have eggs from Jokton's sister, and a franco Gagliardi produced male that started their pre-hatch sweat today!!! If anybody is interested shoot me an email at [email protected] to be put on the waiting list.

Enjoy the SHOW!!!!


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Nice looking chams Noah. I almost purchased a Loki babe myself some months back. Looks like they turned out nice. Very pretty.
LOL Noah, Our babies are related...... I have eggs incubating right now from a Loki girl and a BeBe blue/Norcal male. I have a Franco male (from Dienekes) waiting in the wings, just want to be sure she isn't going to drop another clutch from retained sperm........
Thats too funny. Once you breed that Franco male to your female, we'll pretty much have babies with the exact same genetics!! And if you ask me, there cant be too many babies with genetics like these running around. I just cant wait to see how they turn out!!!
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