Sambava Male Panther Chameleon

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Fred is a gentle Sambava male bred by the KAMMERS. He is about 1 year old and was sired by Vincente. My husband wants to travel, so sadly I must find him a new home. I would like to sell everything as a package which would include Fred, a 24 x 12 x 24 " screen cage, a Reptisun 20" terrarium hood and bulb, a clamp on lamp with 75 wt ZooMed spot lamp, a Mist King system with 2 nozzles, a Zoo Med little dripper, assorted plants and branches (plastic and live), a 5.3 oz jar of Repashy Calcium plus, a partial 16 oz bag of Repashy BurBurger, several plastic cages for crickets, and a cricket dusting cup. I am asking $450 for everything, or I would be willing to sell just Fred for $295. I have included several pictures- he seldom gets stressed enough to show his fired up colors. He is ok with being handled and loves to bask in the warm Florida sun.


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Male Sambava-

This guy really needs a new home. I am now asking $150 for just the chameleon. Located in SW FLorida- prefer not to ship. Please contact me if you have any interest.
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