Salt Build Up Questions


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I just bought a veiled chameleon. They told me she has salt build up around her nose when I adopted her. I stopped the calcium dusting because they said to stop for a while.

I just noticed that she started rubbing her face and feet on her vine, is that normal behavior to remove the build up?
Do not stop using the calcium. That does not have anything to do with the white around the nose as far as we know. It is normal and nothing to worry about. I am not sure why she is rubbing on the vines, but it should not be because of salt or mineral build up.
im still new to cham care and maybe some more of the more experienced member can chime in but maybe your cham is going to shed..?...ive seen mine rub when its about to be shedding time... as far as the build up...ive never seen mine rub from it.. doesnt mean they never do.. i just never seen um but my female and male veiled chams both have white nostrils at times..most lizards or birds with excess minerals in their bodies will excrete it via the nose.. you may hear a short "sniff" or like a "sneeze" when they blow it out
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