Saline Solution?


Friendly Grasshopper
so i am wondering how to apply saline solution to my chams eyes he has a bit of dry crusties on the edge and i want to help him out as spraying is not getting it. i was thinking of just dropping a drop from a eye dropper right onto his eye. my question is do i need to water it down or be worried about anything?
from what ive read. you don't need to worry about watering down or anything. just two drops in each eye of Refresh Tears, but I could be wrong.
If you want to rinse his eye out, gently hold the cham down on a towel on a table or counter. Be firm so he knows you mean business, but don't hurt him. gently with a steady stream, spray the saline into the chams eye. The eye turret will fill with the saline and some will start to flow out... you'll see your cham moving his eye around cleaning. Turn your cham over and do the same to the other eye.

I can't stress enough, that you spray gently. Also use a saline that has no additives in it.
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