Sahm bit a cane toad

So tonight, I was holding Sahm and a new little toad my nephew got and after a few seconds, I looked down and he had the toad’s head in his mouth. Wow 😂 But really, he wasn’t anywhere near those poisonous bubbles and I snatched him out before he started chewing and gave him a lot of water. Is he gonna be ok..?


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WOW! Sure is was Cane (Rhinella marina / Bufo)? Had a few over the time.. Awesome critters and love to eat..
There are many different kinds of toads how do you know it was Cane Toad? Any pics?

Any reactions?


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Yeesh! :oops: I hope your chameleon is ok. I hope the toad is ok too. Just a word of advice…don’t hold more than one animal at a time or near another. Not only is there risk of them hurting each other (as you already learned), but there is always risk of cross contaminating with various parasites and such. I wash my hands in between handling each of my reptiles and make sure all are secure before taking one out.


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Why would your nephew have a cane toad when they produce toxins? 😧

This talks about what happens to humans and dogs....don't know what it would do to a chameleon though...

Ive seen little girls in Australia walk around with several kg toad wearing hand made dresses(the toad not the girl, you english teachers you). I think the nephew is fine unless he has a cheese grater fixation.



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