Sage 4 Months Old (Showing His Big Boy Colors)


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My sweet little Sage is now 4 months old and weigh 41.6 grams. We did a photo shoot and he loved it. When we were finished he didn't want to get off the photo stick. My husband put him back in his tree, which was right next to the stick and he jumped right back on the stick so I just let him hang out there and show off the rest of the evening.

Right after a misting



Tail shot


Showing off




Belly button


Looking handsome




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WOOOAAAA my boy didn't show those colors till 10 months old! he was such a late bloomer though. Jann I know you're doing a great job with this guy as he is in great hands, I'm really sorry to hear about Sadie I didn't think you would have to suffer another loss so soon. :eek:


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Sage is just gorgeous and at such a young age to be showing all those beautiful colors!! I love all the yellow on him!! Reptoman is right, you do have the most beautiful veilds, female and male alike!!!


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I want another veiled. RIP ozzy :( Sage looks awesome :D Im only allowed 2 but im going to try to get a veiled for christmas. Here was ozzy the day i got him. I picked him because he just had something special about him:)


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Thank you for all the kind words about Sage. He's a real sweetheart.

Chameleonowner32, I'm sorry you lost your little Ozzy. He was adorable.


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Wow! What a good looking little man! Amazing colours for his age :) He reminds me of a certain Mr Pretty Pants who is forum famous :)

little leaf

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awwww - he is getting so big Jann , so handsome, and you can just see enough ornery in his little eyes to make him what I am sure is going to be one clever guy when he grows up - :p
love the pics :D


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Jann, I am absolutely blown away by Sage's colors at only 4 months. His belly is so adorable, rivaled only by his sweet face :)

I don't know how you do it, but your veileds are incredible. Camille, Luie, Sadie and now Sage are legends :D


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B E A UTIFUL Jann! I can't say much more everyone has spoken for me, such gorgeous veileds. And Sage reminds me of my Shmigal he's soo cute:D:eek::D;):p lol.
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