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my cham has sand in his eye and it doesn't come out and he slepps a lot!! what should i do and why is he slepping a lot?:(
Is this the same chameleon with the broken tail and the strange spot on its side? Is it a veiled? What happened with the spot? Is it still there?

How did it get sand in its eye? How can you tell its still there? Is it keeping the eye shut?

If your chameleon is sleeping during the day then there is something wrong, either with your husbandry or possibly an infection. If its husbandry then it might be able to be corrected. If its an infection (bacterial or fungal), perhaps acquired during the tail incident or from the spot on his side, then the chameleon needs to see a vet right away.

We need information if we are going to be able to help you with the husbandry...
What's the basking area temperature? Do you have a substrate? How do you provide water for it? What do you feed it? Do you dust the insects with phosphorous-free calcium? Do you use a vitamin supplement? Does it get direct sunlight or UVB light that does not pass through glass or plastic? Do you use a D3 supplement? Does anything you feed him with or dust with or feed to the insects contain preformed vitamin A? Do you gutload the insects properly?
Make sure your setup and feeding is right. If he doesnt respond soon, take him/her to the vet for treatment.
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