runaway egg...


Hey guys, my female veiled is gravid again and today when i went to feed her i found an egg at the bottom of her cage :eek: ! She seems totally fine, i set up a laying bin for her today. I just thought it was so weird that she just slipped one out. She isn't restless or scratching at the bottom of her cage or agitated like last time she layed and i find it super strange that this happened. Has anyone else had this happen to their cham? I would be worried but she seems pretty normal and chill today and yesterday, she is just mostly basking and climbing around occasionally as they do. i haven't even seen her visit the bottom of her cage or her plant pot at all this week. This did happen last time she layed but she wasn't slipping out any eggs until after she layed. So weird, anyways any feed back if this is normal would be appreciated :).
forgot to attach pics!

said egg:



Laying setup:


obviously gravid:


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