'Rule of Thumb' for getting your Cham some sun!


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In the past I have taken my chams outside in the summer when it's been warm enough, but never for long periods of time. This summer I wish to change that and hubby is currently constructing some climbing panels, etc and I have been gathering plants for a free range. I know more and more people that provide natural sunlight to their chams in a free range setting and their chams are remarkably healthy!

Does anyone who is experienced in outdoor free ranging in the hot sun have any tips, tricks and advice to give me? I live in Vancouver Canada - which means its not Florida or California hot, it gets to 85*F tops!

Max temps? How much mist? Sunscreens? Wind?

Anything at all will help! :)
Yeah don't free range outside. Your chameleons will disappear either by choice or by predator as soon as your back is turned. If you going to be building things, build safe and secure cages for them.
Mine live outdoors a lot and it gets way hotter as I am in FLA. No on the free range, unless you are going to sit there and guard your chameleon. Birds of prey will find your chameleon an easy target. I run a dripper all day and provide shade. Mist when I am around. They do fine.
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