Roux, the Cajun Chameleon!


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Getting so big... I remember in November he could completely hide himself on the back side of that branch, could never get a good pic!

If anyone is interested in getting a custom nameplate for their Cham or anything else epoxy related check out my FB page, lots of design ideas there! I’m a small business competing with the big boys, a like, post, or share is nearly as good as a purchase and greatly appreciated! I do every thing from custom wall clocks to floating shelves to river tables to counter tops and even made-to-order custom epoxy backgrounds for vivariums of any size! Also sell highly figured woods than really pop in a viv, and I guarantee you can’t get these highly colored pieces anywhere else!

See my “Bioactive Mentor” thread for my most recent build. Happy Cham Keeping!



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I keep wanting to get some of that cholla wood but I’m scared of there hands getting stuck in the holes.
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