New Vivarium Husbandry Review Please


After changing his vivarium on Wednesday, he seems a bit anxious, but does not have any problems as such, except from the whole getting used to it thing. So, I'm after a husbandry review for the new setup please.

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - 7 month old male Nosy Be panther, been in my care since September.
  • Handling - On his terms, he is very sociable and usually wants to come out every day, which is fine, but I have refrained from handling as much as possible since the new vivarium to give him time to settle.
  • Feeding - Staple feeders are crickets and locusts gut loaded with cavolo nero, collards, spring greens, kale and occasional fruit and veg, he's fed 5-7 a day. He also has wax worms as treats every few days, maybe twice a week, which he loves. I get different staple feeders such as roaches when possible, but they are hard to come by here, and he doesn't particularly like anything else anyway.
  • Supplements - Using Pro Rep calci dust every feeding, and Exo Terra multivitamin every other week. I was also using calcium with D3 every other week, however, I do not any more as the multivitamin contains D3, and I was advised that that could be too much D3.
  • Watering - He has a Reptirain going for 30 seconds every 3 hours so that he can drink, I also hand mist 3 times a day.
  • Fecal Description - Nothing unusual, they look the same as they have since September, urates are mostly pearly white.
  • History - He was born in a trusted breeders, that's all I've got.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 2'x2'x4' Reptibreeze with a custom live background and bioactive setup with all live plants.
  • Lighting - Zoo med 2' vivarium hood with T5HO 5% UVB bulb, brand new. 100W Exo Terra basking bulb attached to a Microclimate b1 dimming thermostat.
  • Temperature - Basking 30-31C (86-88F), lowest temperature is 21C (70F), which is maintained by underfloor heating, so is fairly reliable in it's measurements.
  • Humidity - Up to 70% after mistings, drops to about 35% when dry, I am hand misting for about 90 seconds, 3 times a day, along with the reptirain as stated above.
  • Plants - All live, I'm not entirely sure what they are as my girlfriend is a plant fanatic and does all the plants for me, however, I do know I have a ficus benjamina.
  • Placement - In the corner of a room, on a stand made by me.
  • Location - Near Heathrow airport, London.




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Thanks for providing this info! Looks great.

One thing I noticed... That seems like a lot of misting. I’d try for fewer, longer sessions closer to 2-3 sessions for 3-5 minutes. That may help increase your humidity levels which are a bit low for a panther.
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