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I think I have an ideal room to free range Mr. Mystopholees, my 6 month old male Ambanja, but I was hoping for some help. The room is a small office so its generally very quiet and peaceful, its the warmest room in the house with its own air conditioning unit (which makes it ideal for temp. control), and has linear light fixtures spanning the length of the ceiling. I've attached some pictures because I feel like there's a lot I could do with these resources and maybe some more experienced free-rangers could get me started with some ideas. Thanks!


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That's an awesome room! Here's what I did with my small office space:

You can probably get a couple of these UV bulbs: (they are fantastic for free ranging because they need to be at least a foot away from the highest branches, but they provide fantastic UV/heat, much more than the reptisun 5.0 and such. They're so powerful that you don't even need them on 12 hours a day, the site says that 3-4 hours a day is more than enough. And then you can get 5000k house bulbs for the other lights for a little more heat and more brightness if you want it.

You would just have to figure out how to manage the water, so you don't ruin the floors or walls. But you can do all sorts of awesome stuff in that room.
I know this is an old post but, yeah this room has some serious free range potential, you could modify your track lights to be UV and Heat lamps somehow that would make light a lot easier and cleaner looking! Have you done anything since you posted this?
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