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I am interested in setting up a small roach habitat for breeding them. I have a successful cricket farm going and am looking for a good mail order worm distributor. Any links or instructions very much appreciated. Thank you.
could you share with us ( or at least me ) how you create a cricket habitat!

also how and what do they need to reproduce once you have hte habitat setup!?


probobally saves a bunch of money :)

Yeah, i'd like to know about cricket farming too please.

I bought the wrong ones yesterday, i usually get the silent browns - this new batch are chirping away in front of the tv lol
It's quite relaxing actually :p
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If you can switch your order to Dubia (Orange Spotted Roach), I think you will be happier and better-off with them in the long run. They don't climb glass, don't get super-huge, and their legs aren't as dangerous to chameleon mouths. I've raised dubias, hissers, and lobster roaches. I still keep lobsters even though they can climb glass. Their extra-soft body and nice full-grown size is why I still keep them. I also still keep Orange spotteds and they are a reasonable balance between lobsters and hissers. Roaches in general, are easier to keep than crickets. If kept within their simple environmental, food, and water requirements, they breed well and stay healthy for many months to years. Don't worry, these are not house infesters either.
I ordered hissers because I think they are neat.

However, you said they could injure my chameleon?

If thats the case then I won't feed him full grown ones.

Thanks for the advice though, I will order some Dubia and try those too.
"OH my" on the dangerous to my guy's mouth roaches... thanks for the heads up.
Where can I order the Dubias. They were not offered on the site I was at.

As for the cricket habitat. I've had some luck there. I used a 14 gallon rummbermaid tub. Cut the 4 inch by 8 inch rectangle out of the lid and put screen in. I also put cello tape up around the edge of the top so they will slip back if they try to crawl out.
Inside, I put a 1 inch tray of moistened dirt, that I spray to remoisten now and again for the females to lay their eggs in. When I want them to hatch I put the whole thing near the heater to raise the temperature. Otherwise, I have an egg carton flat leaned up against one side and and some smaller pieces around the bottom for them to sleep in.

I feed them dark greens, (mustard, collard, etc) carrots, squash and oranges so that they are plenty healthy (gut loaded) for my cham. I also have Fluker's gel water and cricket food in there. They eat it all too. lol I read where I could be feeding them sweet potatoe which satisfies my desire to get more minerals and carbs into my guy.

I redo the Fluker's stuff once a week and feed them fresh greens and carrots every day. Oranges too. Vitamin C is the "escort" vitamin. Since chams should not be doing citrus, that's how I'm sure he gets the vitamin that "escorts" the other vitamins to their destination inside my cham. :D
I have turkistan roaches right now, but Fractal is making short work of them. I'll need to order the dubias suggested. After reading the hisser care sheet Laragail provided, (thank you :}, could I assume all applies to the Dubias?
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