Ridding of Mealybugs

Okay guys,

I am in need of some huge help! Had a massive mealybug out break in Naboo's enclosure and it's really starting to spread. I know it's already gotten in to Gizmo's set up so I want to stop it in it's tracks. I am in need of EVERY helpful tip on how to remove them that you know, of course keeping it chameleon friendly!

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You can use neem oil on the plant to rid them, but keep the plant out of direct sunlight cause it'll burn. Not sure if it's safe for a chameleon, I only say this from being a member on a orchid forum.
Also rubbing alcohol is good too, just tedious work. Use a Q tip and cotton balls and soak and swab.
Keep the infected plant away from non infected ones as it will spread very quickly.


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Green lacewings and lady bugs will do a great job but are hard to come by this time of year. Baby mantis will eat them also but not as quickly as the other two.

I used a spray from Home Depot that said it was animal safe. I just was sure to wash down the plant before using again. It took care of the issue.
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