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Today I finished building the Cham outside cage and I was wondering how long he could stay out there the cage is 100% sealed off from misquitos and other bugs i want to set it up so he can just stay out there all night some people toldnme about how they would leave them outside for like a month because the climate here is perfect. So I was wondering what would you think I live in Richmond va
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If I were you, I would take my Cham out during the day for the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. Depending on where you live, I would bring him inside for the night just to be on the safe side. It could rain and get cold, you never know. I wouldn't leave your chameleon out for so long. Humidity could rise and your cham could get an upper respiratory infection.
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Thanks man that's a good IDE but I wonder if. Make it water proof 100% and put a heat light? Hmm.
As long as the temp ranges are fine, and they should be for your area (list them here if you are not sure) they are fine to stay outside 24/7. You will have to make sure the cages are stable and safe from any potential predators.

I leave mine outside for months at a time in the spring and fall.
I also leave mine out 24/7 ( but will pull them in for temps over 90 - under 60,and really bad high wind storms - lately- that's be often :mad: ) but all my Jax are out tonight, even my babies - and they do wonderful :)
Thanks man that's a good IDE but I wonder if. Make it water proof 100% and put a heat light? Hmm.

Maybe! I really don't know, I know I'd never leave my Cham out all night. Just for safety precautions. You could make it water proof, but how? The Cham needs air ventilation.
they love the rain- but I keep a section covered w/ wood on about 1/4 of the cage so they do have a spot to get out of the rain if they want, and also for shade and I keep my dripper on it - but I have yet to see one get out of the rain (unless it was a down pour) what kind of cham do you have ?
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