Rhampholeon viridis pair


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Just thought I'd share some pics of these beauties. I'll be thrilled if I can breed them successfully.

Here's another male. This one never seems to take on the mottled pattern of the others and also has more enlarged tubercles.
Wow, they are beautiful. I plan on getting a pair of spectrals soon and I also would be thrilled to breed them. What does your enclosure look like because I really need some inspiration on how I'm gonna set mine up.
My enclosures aren't much to look at really. I've just got a lot of tangled vine-like silk plants in well ventilated rubbermaids. They seem to be happy enough though since all of them are eating well.
At do you use to feed them because after a lot of research, I've been stuck on that topic, do you just throw in crickets or put in a feeding cup?
Some of them have been eating small mealworms from a cup, but I also dump in fruit flies, bean beetles, crickets, dubia roaches, etc. and I've seen at least one of them eating all of the aforementioned insects at some point so far. I've also found tapeworms in their feces, so keep an eye out for parasites with your spectrals as well.
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