Rhampholeon Acuminatus - Baby Pictures


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Great things always come in small packages! We just had our last clutch of eggs hatch from our Rhampholeon acuminatus group. It is bitter sweet as these little gems will most likely be the last of the acuminatus that we will have here at Canvas. So, we decided that we will post pictures of the babies over the next few days in hope that everyone can enjoy for as long as possible!

For those of you who are not aware, as of last year R. acuminatus have been reevaluated and are now listed as "Critically Endangered" on the IUCN Red List. This is only one step up from Extinct in the wild! Because of this, we feel it is best to no longer work with this species in captivity as wild caught animals would be necessary for future breeding. Although there are currently no regulation to protect the export of R. acuminatus at this time, we hope that in the near future there will be new quotas adopted that help protect these amazing animals in the wild.

Rhampholeon Acuminatus - Captive Born Baby - Canvas Chameleons (1).png
Rhampholeon Acuminatus - Captive Born Baby - Canvas Chameleons (2).png
Rhampholeon Acuminatus - Captive Born Baby - Canvas Chameleons (3).png
Rhampholeon Acuminatus - Captive Born Baby - Canvas Chameleons (4).png


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Wow awesome! It is awful to hear about their state in the wild I hope they somehow make a comeback.
I'm just now getting ready to try pigmy chameleons, and was hoping to some day keep this guy. I wish the country they come from would care more about their wellbeing. I wonder if they would spread them out to other locations if that would help, or just mess up another ecosystem?


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Those are so nice, I guess I would be torn as to if continuing to work with them would be right or wrong, haven't they come in in decent numbers in the last year? With your success it is too bad you don't continue on, no doubt many small species will be hard to find in collections the day most of them are no longer imported.


Hey Mark, from what i have been told the import quantities were not huge at all. With the initial price point being considerable higher as well.

The importance lies with those that do have them communicating, i have two pair coming in shortly.

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I was going to get a pair from CI but had to wait until my tax return came so I guess I missed out, good luck with them, very cool animals. I am going to try another small species soon and will probably pick up a Brookesia pair from Snakes At Sunset next time I get down to Miami.


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Stunning pictures of fascinating creatures- hopefully they will get the regulations needed to survive in the wild. So glad you shared these!
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