Rhamphaleon species?


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Can someone tell me what species are those? I got them as brevicaudatus but as soon as I received them I saw this is somethine else...is it temporalis?
Also, are they male and female? I still can't make the difference for sure...
Anyway, they are both eating and drinking well... :)
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They look like Rhampholeon Nchisiensis or blue eyed. They look like females because the male of this species is quite a bit smaller.
Yes, they have greenish eyes! I mean, not the eyes :) but around the eyes.
We also thought they were two females...
A friend of mine brought them to me and they told him in the store they were surely a pair and that were brevicaudatus!
Thanks for the info, is their keeping similar to other Rhampholeon?

The pics are pretty bad, I will try to get some better ones...
I would say similar care as R. brevicaudatus, but there really isn't a lot of information out there on them. I know that they aren't quite as hardy as the brevs from experience of keeping them. The colored area around the eyes are called turrets. Look at the tail length, the male will have a longer tail than the female, so if they are the same length then they are probably the same sex. Also just to add, brevicaudatus were reclassified as Rieppeleon instead of Rhampholeon, but you will still see people selling them by the old classification. Here is a photo of a male and female so you can see the difference.


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What's a good pygmy breed for where I live? In the summer, my room can reach up to 95*F if l'm not there to cool it down.
I kept my blue eyes pygmies at around 70ish....preferred no heat lamp during summer time. The die big time at higher temperature. I also have a few babies blue eyes pigmies which i had for 2 months + now. They are eating and drinking fine. All you need is keep the humidity at almost 100%. I mist my chameleon 3X a day and keep the temp at around 65 - 72 ish.. Good luck!!!
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