Reverse Heat cycle


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Hi everyone. I work at a fish store, a super duper sweet fish store. I have a huge desk and would like to keep a chameleon there.
I have plenty of room for the 2x2x4 zilla cage. I can get away with keeping crickets handy. I plan on an auto mister and have some super sweet reef keeping controllers that can stop the cage from getting too hot, mist when I like, ect..
Humidity at the store is actually pretty good.

Here is the issue, Temps. The daytime temp is 75-76 by my desk. But at night its likely 82-85 (its how we keep the thousands of gallens of saltwater warm).

Is this reverse cycle a show stopper?


How about a link to a trusted source of info?

Is there an "expert" or trusted source (some one who is able to say, "Yes, no AND never tried it"? If so, please post a link or email.


Welcome to the forum, I do hope you will become a cham owner, will the one in your store be your first cham?

This is just me brain storming. What about a couple cool mist humidifiers at night? I use one to drop the temp on one of my quads that does not have as much of a temp drop as I want. If you covered 3 sides of the cage at night and used the humidifiers it might work. I have never tried for this kind of thing. You might want a plan of what to do if you are unable to get the temps you need. Would taking your cham home, if there is problems, be a possibility?

Hopefully some of our more creative members will have ideas.
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