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Hello everybody my name is Ta2smitty. Wow this site has really takin off since I was last here in 10-29-07. Well I've decided to come back to this world again after a 3 year break. This will be my forth time keeping and breeding chameleons. Ive hatched numerous veileds over the years. Last time I was in this I had a trio of veileds and a trio of panthers(kammerflage lines) I was only able to produce eggs from the panthers but never hatched any. Well I take that back I did hatch one batch accidentally in my garage. I was out of the country and my wife tells me she found a bunch of baby chameleons on the spokes of our kids bike wheel. I guess I had forgot to dig up a batch of eggs and left them in the flower pot under the enclosures? Lol Anyway s i'm no spring chicken around these amazing creatures. I know what does and doesn't work for me. I'll try to help out where I can. I'm in the process of designing my new set-up for another trio of veileds sometime this spring when it's warm enough here in Texas to put them outside.
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Oh I forgot to add carpets to my list. The female lauded 3clutches but at the time I had no idea on what I was doing and lost them all.
this was my last male veiled and panther


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