Requisite Weekend Photos Five


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It’s been at least 2 weeks since I last posted some pics anywhere; an absolute eternity for me. :p

First up: HRH UB Princess Sparkle (Trioceros goetzei nyikae). Yes, she is still with us although moving into a seniors/hospital Rubbermaid tomorrow. :(

Bad thing (Trioceros cristatus)

Horrible Thing (Trioceros cristatus)

And some really cool pics of my spiders having lunch.

Wrapping it up and saving it for later:

Happy chamming everyone! :D


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You sure have a close relationship with your camera! Those are beautiful pictures. I would love to have a couple of pictures of Princess Sparkle, you know how I love her. I have never really thought about Christitus but yours are lovely. Do all of them look that pretty and colorful? Maybe someday who knows?


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Other than yourself Tracy, I think that humans were not meant to take decent pics of cristatus. Yours' are frame-worthy.

Here's my girl trying to escape the camera,

Is it possible to get a shot where they aren't in the process of going away from you? Well, for me it isn't...




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I cant give the princess hell anymore:( Feed her an extra bug for me. The rest of them look like jerks though!! Nice pics!
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