Reptiles N Reefs Grand Opening

Here are my photos from the grand opening of Reptiles N Reefs!

If you know Chad and Darci from Tiki Tiki Reptiles and you live in the Vegas/Henderson area, you need to check out their new reptile and reef/fish store! It opened up on Dec. 30th 2011.

It is an awesome shop for those of you in the Vegas/Henderson area!!!!

Chad N Darci:









Showing some customers some frogs...



Chameleon cages. Awesome setup with drainage and well fitting cages.


more supplies, and Chad...




Kevin thanks for the pictures. For those of us, like me, would couldn't be there, the pictures are awesome. Chad & Darci what a killer store!! You have did a fantastic job on the store. I hope you sell it all in a week.:eek:
I love the crazy googly eyed picture of the baby veield. adn really wish I could buy that melleri.

Good job guys!
Wow this is really nice!!! I could only wish we had something like this around here!!! Awesome!!
WOW!!!! What a store! Wish we had one close to us like this. All I have to say is man you two have to be EXHAUSTED!!
What a cool store! Wish there was one in the MidWest, there are no specialty stores like this anywhere in the Indiana/Illinois area! Jealous!
thats is too DOWN, freakin awsome man:D

expand already, and have another store in LA, so i can work there :p lol

seriously goodluck to you both and wish nothing but the best
Very nice looking store! Couldn't help but notice the giant Red-Eared Slider in that tiny tank in the 3rd picture. Hopefully that's for display purposes only as you probably know RES's require massive amounts of space... especially one of that size.
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