ReptiGlo vs. ReptiSun


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Someone please explain to me what the difference is between Zoo Med's ReptiSun AND Exo Terra's ReptiGlo.

I am ordering all new UVB and heating for my reptiles and am finding that ReptiSun is more expensive...if there is a HUGE difference, I'll go with the one I need to, but if there isn't, then I am going with the cheaper.


::Just found quite a few threads on this, sorry for the double post!::
Both are fine. ReptiSuns tend to be a bit better as they put out more UVB. Both need to be replaced every 6 months or so unless you have a UV meter to ensure it is still producing enough.
I prefer the Reptisuns (which I get more affordably on because they definitely produce more UV and as a consequence produce better levels of UV for longer than a Reptiglo.
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