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  1. so i know i already made a post about this but im bouta actually do it and was wondering whats smarter attaching two large cages side by side or on top of each other ?
  2. Also would a xl cage fit a large cage on top of it or are the dimensions way off?? If anyone can tip in please do
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    It all depends on how you structure it. Personally I say put them side by side. An 8’ tall enclosure with a footprint of 4sqft is going to be very topheavy and want to tip over. Especially once you add sticks plants lights drippers and decor. I just feel like it’s asking for trouble.

    But if you have your heart on stacking them I think you could pull it of by building bracket to connect them and then strapping them down with cables like a cell phone tower.
  4. I was thinking itd be too top heavy i have this heavy wooden thing for the bottom cage to weigh it down and i have some other ideas on how to keep it together i just dont know if a x large reptibreeze would fit with a large reptibreese on the top
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    Sounds like your mind is made up and all that’s left is for you to take some measurements. I’d be curious to see it when it’s done.
  6. 18x18x36 is the large and the xxl is 24x24x48 im just having a hard time thinking thatll work bc its not the exact same size and dont wanna waste 70$ on the xl cage i might just have to buy it and see if it can be done
  7. This for 70 good deal? Pretty much brand new no holes

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    Seems reasonable.
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    Anything can be made to work but I don’t think you should do it, I can’t see your Cham escaping without injury if it ever does fall over. Just upgrade to the XXL and be done with it or just go all the way and build a custom enclosure.

    What is it about stacking them that intrigues you so much?
  10. I dont know i just feel like it could easily be done, and havent seen anyone try it and i feel like itd just be overall cheaper to do. I probably wont if its not recommended
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    There is probably a good reason you’ve never seen it tried before. But hey fortune favors the bold, maybe you can be the first...
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