Repashy Calcium Plus?

So, I have been reading multiple threads on calcium and the general consensus seems to be calcium without D3 each feeding, calcium with D3 every other week and a multivitamin ever other week.

But a few people mentioned simply using Repashy Calcium Plus as an alternative to all of that, if I'm understanding it correctly (in general, just dusting every other feeding). I have the Calcium Plus with a pic of a leopard gecko on the container. There is another Repashy product with "low D" which has a chameleon pic on the container. I'm curious... which Calcium Plus are people using for chameleons?


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My understanding is the same for suppliments and Dusting. We use the feeders as a vessil for nutrition which is why suppliments and gutloading is so important.
I listen to the chameleon breeder podcast about nutrition gutloading vitamins and minerals it was a two or three part discussion.

one thing I found out along the way was about the multivitamins. Some that have performed vitamin A. Those ones seem to be more commonly recommend over herptivive that has no vitamin a but beta karatin (spelling ?).

Unfortunately I don't know a thing about repashy products specifically.


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I use Repashy Calcium plus LoD the one with the picture of the Jackson's on the label. Your schedule will depend on what species of chameleon you have. Montane species like jackson's use an every-other-day schedule while panthers and veiled have daily schedule (see care sheets for more details).
I used to use the loD every-other-day very lightly on only half the feeders as per the breeder I got my avatar from. I have since cut back and use it once weekly very lightly and use plain calcium mixed with bee pollen two other times per week. I do this in combination with a good gut loading for the feeder insects. Mine is not a typical schedule some say once a month is enough for Jackson's but time outdoors and gut loading can be factors.
That said the schedules on the care sheets have worked very well for a lot of people for a long time and I would never discourage anyone from using them.
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