Renley after shedding!

Lookin for those crickets!

Acting like a leaf!

Showing some strong colors today. I need to get an actual camera though, the Iphone doesn't do him justice!

Riktor Scale

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Killer full bars on your guy, looks amazing. I'd say he's 5-6 months or he is an extremely early color show'r. You got yourself a screamer!
Thank you all!! Yeah I really want to know his age but it's hard to be certain. Lack of communication from the breeder.. he's about 4 1/2inches from head to base of his tail.

Could someone tell me what happens when dark stripes form around his head and on his eye lids? Is it stress? Or is he just fluctuating his colors? Here's a pic of what I mean
He's trying to bask, your guy is very similar to mine. I've only seen mine get scared once which was his first time being outside and he got so dark it was intense. The black rings are perfectly normal :) Here is an example of what I believe scared will look like for your guy. All chams are different though!
is that a kandiroo baby? My guy looks like that when I wake up in the mornings lol. He does look like that sometimes throughout the day. When my guy basks hes black and his underbellys dark red. I feel like this is different though, but I'm not sure.. I wish I never broke my camera :mad:!

Edit: WOW! They look like the same chameleon in the 4th picture in that album! Also, I forgot to say he's basked all day, he's getting ready to sleep now.

Riktor Scale

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Nope he's an Ambilobe, I feel as if he has been crossed somewhere down the line with a Nosy Mitisio. Hence the red eyes and black outlining. He'll burst into a full yellow when sleeping, kinda random lol

Here's a normal picture of my guy :)

Him Basking the other day against the window he won't leave alone lol

Hopefully you can grasp a better idea from these :D
Oh wow what a great looking cham he is! I think Renley's gonna follow the same pattern your guy's taking. Yeah Renleys pajamas are lime green and yellow right now.


Niiiiice man he is looking crisp. Those colors are sex. By the way, even though I didn't get an actual hatch date either, he did say he was 3.75 months, so if Renly is Aesops age he's probably about four or four and a half. I mean I guess they could be from a different clutch??


Me too :( Oh well we don't actually know, and they are still half brothers either way so it will be cool to see how he comes out in our little guys!
Updated renley! Look at that belly and those yellows!!
How do I attach more than one picture on my iphone?! It's only letting me attach one at a time ):


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