Rehoming my panther chameleon


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This has been something on my mind a long time. Right now he is 2 years old and given extraordinary care. He is not hard to handle, but I don't handle him much. Does not hiss or get defensive. He has been reluctant to feed lately, but eats every day. He gets an extremely diverse diet of very well gut loaded bugs and has been given proper supplements and lighting. His cage is about 4-5 feet high and about 3 feet in diameter. I use a Pro-mist system, and would expect a potential owner to have proper misting system.
If anyone can provide the same level of care - at least the same size enclosure and variety of insects and has proper lighting, supplements, and at least a year experience, let me know.

I would like to get an escape proof enclosure at least the same size if not larger. My major issue is the thought of bugs getting out, it would cause a problem with my wife and family that I would rightly not be forgiven for.

He refuses to eat out of a feeder, I tried Nick Barta's over and over again in different spots and with different feeders.

I don't know what to do. Abandoning a pet makes me sick.

I won't ship him.

If anyone has a solution - either a huge totally escape proof enclosure or other, please let me know.

Apologies in advance if I question where he is going, I just need to be 100% sure that he would be getting an upgrade. He obviously trusts me and the thought of all this makes me feel like a complete piece of garbage.


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Sorry to hear this, I recently had to rehome 4 of my chameleons. I know the feeling. Luckily they all went to excellent homes. I'm sure there are some good keepers on here that could take him. I think with reptiles, bugs are often something that just needs to be accepted, or they shouldn't get one. At some point something will escape. My wife isn't a bug person, but she's learned to deal with it lol.


Like i said last time, can pick him up this weekend. I can send you pics of my reptile room. My misting system is capable of 15 heads, im currently running 10. He'd be in good hands with me. Just bought a panther from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla last month. Handle him daily. My hoeneli and jackson only get handled to move outdoors. Plenty of feeders im always picking up more bugs. I have immersed myself in the chameleon culture lol.
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