Recycling cages


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What issues are there in respect of using the former cage of one chameleon for a newly acquired cham (i.e. when I move my juvenile cham into his adult cage, I'd like to get another baby cham, and move that one into the vacated smaller cage)?

I'm not referring to quarantine issues (because it would be the new cham that needs quarantine - there won't be parasites in the cage left by the older cham, because the older cham doesn't have parasites - at last checkup).

So I'm simply asking whether new chams can detect the earlier presence of other chams in a cage? Like leftover scent, etc? And if so, would that stress them out? (They might be intimidated by the earlier presence of an older male cham there).

Obviously, you'd wash the cage out, but plants/soil have the potential to retain odours/animal matter.
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