Recommend a place for grasshoppers


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On this topic, does anyone know if grasshoppers bite have any chance of biting chameleons like crickets do? I’ve been thinking about trying them


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I bought some from SauceGhandi but we both are in CA. Very good product, reliable seller and shipper
Thank you!
I wouldn’t worry about them biting but I would definitely be removing the large hind legs before feeding. They have very sharp spines especially on the larger hoppers.
Yep after the adult molt, the spiny tibiae become very hard, so I snip those off before feeding. Should be no issue with nymphs though.
And their grip is incredible with them! I try to keep them off the screen.

@SauceGandhi has always taken care of me when we need hoppers!
Thanks! Yeah this is especially true with adult males, because they use it to grip the female during mating. For those, I usually hand feed so they can't get a good grip, or just put them right in front of my chameleon's face so he can rip them off the branches.
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