Receptively Beautiful!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
Amy is receptive at the moment, and she is glowing! Here's a few pics!



Thanks everyone! Laurie - she doesn't look that fat usually, lol, she was perched on top of my fingers and was in quite an awkward position!:D
Aaaw Tiff she has blossomed into such a beauty :D Her colours are stunning and that little face could melt the hardest of hearts :D:D
I will agree that females don't get the recognition they deserve. My first cham was a female - I have a soft spot for those rounded body shapes - they just look so much nicer than the males. Amy also gives Tommy a run for his money in the colour stakes too! I just love the blue on green and she always looks so vibrant and clean!
She isn't THAT big,lol! The pics were taken from below and she was all bunched up on my fingers. When she's walking around she is quite skinny around her middle. If you want to see a BIG girl, take a look in my first female, Lily's album. ;)
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