Rebels new enclosure ????


I will be building Rebels (male veiled) new enclosure this summer. I want to use an old desk as the base/stand. It is 27" deep X 47" long. So the cage will be 22X47X48. Will that be ok. It's just a little short of the 24" in depth but I was hoping it would be ok since it is 47" long. What do y'all think? Should I make it taller than 4' ? I'm not sure how high I can go. I live in an apartment and the wood will be cut and treated at a friends and then put together inside my place. I am going to make it to where I can take it apart and move it if need be. Also, when I get a misting system would one spray nozzle be ok or should I split it into two?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks :D


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Dang. That cage is definitely big enough!

I think 2 feet is tall enough, because having that 47 inches of horizontal space really gives chams a place to roam. It most likely does more than make up for the 27 inches.

The cham will love it trust me :D

Dunno about the spray nozzles though.

Good luck. Seriously that sounds like a good idea. The cage dimensions sound definitely comfortable for a cham.


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that sounds plenty big enough. it wouldnt hurt to have the extra spray nozzle on hand and if you feel like you need the 2nd one add it.
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