random lizard pics 6/18


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Just a few random lizard pics I'm putting up for fun

First off one of the male chameleons from my last thread breeding today. I have never seen him fire up with these particular colors when breeding- usually he has lots of orange along with the red and yellow and he's got blue bars. Today it was 93 and sunny and he chose to breed out in the sunshine, so maybe the heat brought these brilliant light colors on-

A few pics of a stack of painted dragons (aka painted agamas or clown agamas) that were out in the sun in the morning stacked on top of each other. Thought it was funny so I took a few pics-

Lastly, a couple of bearded dragon pics. The first are of a male and female of mine in an outdoor terrarium, the second are my kids' dragons indoors. In both cases the females are resting on the males. I catch bearded dragons sitting like this all the time and it cracks me up - they look just like little people posing for a portrait.

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