Raising Dubias


OK.. I know this is crazy but I'm getting to the point of thinking seriously about raising my own feeders...Dubias being one...Never thought I would even think about having roaches in my apartment.. Funny what one will do for a chameleon...even if he hates you. lol

I want to stay away from crickets but I was wanting to do Dubias and some type of worm. Can someone post a link or give me ideas on what feeders are easy to breed and are healthy for my veiled Rebel. (I also have a beardie and a full grown crested gecko and fire bellied toads lol)

Thanks in advance:)
Dubias are the easiest , I'll link you to ebay guy who sells adult male and female pairs for cheep and he adds few on top , lets say you get 40 male 40 female then he will send you 43/43 , all you need is plasticky bin , egg cartons , crystal water or hell water , and roach chow which you can make your self from dry cat food and oat meal . Dubias don't climb , don't stink , clean , don't die like crickets and when one runs away dosent multiply in a wild so don't need to worry.
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