Raising a 6 week old veiled

Mr Jingles

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So I have Sky now for 3 days. I know the set up is good, I see him eat between 10 and 20 pinheads a day, he drinks so cutely from the leaves. Yet, he's so so small and I second guess everything. I really did not think I will stress and worry so much about him. Mr Jingles is doing so well, I really felt good about the new baby. Haha, just being a overprotective cham mom I suppose.
Here he is after feeding time, nice full belly and on his way to his favourite basking spot


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Mr Jingles

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He is extremely tiny, yet he have a enormous personality. I cant wait for him to grow up so I can handle him a bit more.


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He won't be that tiny for long! Enjoy it while it lasts and take tons of pictures!!! Best of luck and yes, you will worry about EVERYTHING!!! :rolleyes::D


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Hes a cutie!! He looks around the size of my little girl :)....I too worry about every little thing and find myself second guessing from time to time. I about had a heart attack when she struggled to get down a slightly larger than 1/8 inch cricket..I immediately went back down to pinhead to 1/8 inchers for the time being lol...best of luck with your little man!
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