R.I.P. Max

Action Jackson

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Sad day today. We lost Max our big male Jackson we've had for 4-5 years. Noticed he had his eyes closed today and saw a big bloody turd in his cage. He went down hill fast. The kids and I buried him in our new raised garden bed. We'll miss him. He was my most favorite Chameleom i've had. Rest in peace Max


That really sucks man- I've commented on him in the past. I LOVE some Jacksons, and he was really impressive. I'm very sorry to hear about this.
sorry to hear. but he lived a great life and was one HUGE jackson. you should be proud
So very sorry for your loss, he was a stunning guy! Love the photos! May you find peace in knowing you gave him a great life...
Thanks for the kind words everybody.

Max was a tough Chameleon and made it though some tough times. He endured some cold temperatures at times over the years, below 40 degrees at times and always came back strong. I kept him outside year round and had to bring him and my other Jackson's into the garage this Winter because of a backyard remodel we have been going through. Unfortunately he just did not seem to adjust well despite having the proper lighting and occasional days in the sun. I can't help but think he had more time in him if he would have been outside.

I'll miss him.
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