Quick Shed

Grim Crow

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I had no idea they only took 1 day to shed. Coco started this morning on her head, and right now she just has her belly to go. That was quick, is that normal?


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damn i miss the exposion shed

mine is almost 10 months and hasnt shed almost 2 months ago, somewhere near a year old chameleons slow down majorly on food intake and shedding

Grim Crow

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well she was shedding kind of slow in the morning at first, but then i took her outside for about an hour and the shedding massively sped up, maybe natural sunlight is the key.


my panther pandora can shed her whole body in like a little over an hour. its weird how she and sub zero do it you see the coloration turn your back for a second, then turn back around and wham you got their whole body done and skin on the ground. my baby veiled El Groucho makes a big mess of it and it goes all over the place.
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